What Do Beginning Song Writers Need To Compose A Hit?

Writing a song is not too difficult for an amateur to complete, but producing a hit a real task of a challenge. You have to know many things, try as much as you could and of course a little but luck. Being a good composer or a good poet does not mean you can compose a good song that is loved by everyone. That can only mean you will not spend too much time one the ideas and you can add more techniques into your products.

In this post, I will show you some tips and tricks that support you a lot in your path to a better career achievement. This is also known as mental situation and condition that every songwriter has to surpass if he or she wants to write a hit. Let’s get started and see what we can do with your abilities!

Song writing

Firstly, before going to the central part, we should have a little revised with the basic structure of a song. Most of them share the same structure except some Rock or Jazz tracks since they rather go with the feeling more than guiding people to follow that feeling. Normally, a song is the combination of some particular parts:

  • An intro which is the beginning and also the part that decides whether the audiences want to continue listening to a track or hit the Next button.
  • The verses are the main parts that introduce the meaning and the story inside the song for the audience.
  • The chorus is in which all the emotion and main techniques are performed. It should be catchy and excellent at using the instrument and display the vocal’s beauty to attract the audiences. Most of the hits have good lyrics, especially chorus.
  • The bridge is used when the composer wants to have a shift between tones or volume.
  • The outro is the end of the song.

With the given structure, composing a song would not be such a task of a challenge anymore. However, what decide the successful of it be the lyrics and the melody. If they can win listener’s heart, everything would be all right, and the song will be spread worldwide very quickly. Below are some experiences for beginners in composing songs and how to get the inspiration for the lyrics.

How to write a hit song??

Make Your Ideas Reality

Many songwriters do not know how to make their ideas come true. Well, the basic and most simple way is to start writing and stop thinking. It sounds quite weird because if you do not even know what to write, how can you put pen to paper? The truth is when you begin writing, you will know how good or how bad your thinking would be and see if it is possible or not. No one can do anything with a blank paper and his or her brain, even geniuses. Dreaming is good but is has to become real to make you success.

Therefore, start writing though your drafts can be super dangerous. No one can be good at songwriting from the first time. That is another reason for you to compose regularly than ever. I suggest a certain number of the song per week, maybe 2 or 3 then focus on the quality. You will not feel lazy after several songs since it would become a habit and you will work naturally.

Proper Listening To Get The Ideas

You often listen to a particular kind of music that you are interested in or the music genres that are related to your songs. It is reasonable, but you should look at the problem in the eyes of professionals. They get acquainted with listening to many types of music even hard – to – hear types such as classical or rock since they can think of new inspirations and combinations between them to make their songs more unique and attractive.

You should find out the main genres for your songs and seek the connections between that music types to others by consulting other well – known tracks. Learn from famous composers is one of the fastest ways to develop your own.

Love songs

Note down pros and cons of the songs that make them hits. Notice even the smallest change in lyrics and melody, which might help you to find your path and make your tracks different from others. Don’t forget to maintain the mood of the song since it decides the attraction and viral level of your product. No one wants a song that makes them confused from the beginning. Keep it clean and clear with catchy phrases.

Care About The Techniques

Though you just amateur in this field and you there are so many things you have not known yet about songwriting, at least you have to know how songs are built and some basic understanding to make your song smooth and catchy.

  • Chord arrangement is the key factor that creates harmony for a song. If you can move your chord arranging skill to a higher level, you can lead the emotion of audiences with just simple notes and chords. Work with primary major and minor key and move on to better ones just when you feel ready for it. Most pop songs are simple in chord arrangement but complicated in musical instrument usage.
  • Learn the chords to know what you are doing. Learning by heart would be tough, especially with people who are not trained at schools. However, playing a musical instrument such as piano or guitar can help you handle this step easily since the chords are displayed through the frets. Don’t forget to learn the scale because the chords in the same scale can be mixed
  • Try to identify common sequences as you listen to songs since some common ones really work with beginners. The structure of a song must be followed since you cannot create one on your own yet. Just do things steadily and find out what you can do with your potentials and your ideas.