Teaching Methods to Instruct Music Theory for Children

Today, people especially parents have the consciousness that they should allow their kids to get acquainted with music from the first year of their childhood so as to boost the mind for them from the beginning and develop the brain as soon as possible. Since then, many mothers have played music for their unborn babies, and when the babies are born, they want their kids to play any kinds of instrument. Above all, learning music theory is a exquisite way for children to enhance their progress in musical performance as well as keep up with more advanced knowledge in the future.

Children cannot stand learning from books that are full of music sheet and other things that are annoying and pointless. That is the reason why we should know some methods to teach them without making them fed up with music theory. Music theory is considered one of the most difficult parts in the music, but once your kids can know the fundamentals, there would be nothing that can block their way to master a musical instrument or even write their songs when they become adults.

Music theory

Below are some suggested teaching methods for people who want to teach their children at home and develop their skills in music before attending classes about music theory. These methods are useful if your kids are more than six years old and beginning to know what music is.

Using Games To Teach Music Theory

First of all, you should allot a certain amount of time for the “game time.” This part can be placed at the end of the lesson since the kids will look forward to this part the most. They will concentrate more since there would be a motivation at the end that is waiting for them.

Then, you should work hard to think of a game with the simple concept. You should not try to include too many things into a game with a time amount of only 5 minutes since it would be too complicated for the children. Simple games seem to be a good solution for music theory training because they can help the kids to learn more about one particular theory while playing. Teaching them a lot at the same time just makes them confused and forget all the knowledge. Concreting the minds is the secret of the games.

You should also attach the practical part of the lessons with the games so as to encourage them to apply what they have learned. For example, it you teach the kids how to write notes, you should let them compete to write as many as they can but still have to be right and clean.

Music theory through games

Games should not take up too much time. The game is an excellent method to pass knowledge onto children, but they might not know how to get that information while playing if they have to play for a long time. Remembering the music theory is still the priority of the class game.

Learning Music Theory From Workbooks

Not many parents can afford for a good music theory lesson. However, don’t worry since there are many other ways for your children to get acquaintance with music without having to sign up for any classes. However, the central question is how to choose the best workbook about music theory for your kids?

On the market today, there are plenty workbooks and guidebooks about music for children with a variety of content and teaching components. So how can we choose the best for our kids?

First of all, you should look at the appearance of the workbook. Some of them are written and illustrated for children under six years old, and the information is quite simple. If you child is older, you can start looking for workbooks that contain more knowledge and fewer images since in this stage of life; they can accumulate in – depth knowledge about music, not just beginning ones.

Next, you should put the musical instrument into consideration. Many children only want to know how to play instruments without having to read music. It is, of course, standard, even with amateurs. Therefore, music syllabus for a particular type musical instrument such as the guitar or the piano is excellent for your kids. However, make sure those books are labeled for the appropriate age.

Teach music for children

Purchase Online Courses

The Internet is a great source of information and courses for you to choose. Some are free, and some require you to pay a little amount of fee. However, if your kid is the one who is keen on playing and reading music, there would be such a great opportunity for him or her to come up with courses online and learn from them. Even you can learn with your kids as well.

When learning online, the first thing you want to do is to determine the type, of course, you need, then look for information online about trustworthy websites and names. You can look for the free online course, but in my opinion, the paid courses are usually better with good support.

While learning, you should instruct your children to learn concepts and notations one by one. This will help your kids to know and understand thing easier thus apply them into their performances skillfully.

Also, you should combine knowledge with a visual material such as videos or images. Kids learn very fast if the facts are shown with images and sounds. It also provides a favorable condition for them to mimic and understand. Some events are difficult for them to know at once. Don’t be impatient since they are kids and you do not really expect them to be geniuses in this field.

Encourage your children to apply what they have learned into real life by practicing a simple and acceptable musical instrument such as guitar of the piano. Improve the skills gradually by practicing instrument at least 30 minutes a day. Composing music is fun as well. You should let them try whenever they want to.