Music Theories for Beginners and Benefits

People often say “it is music to my ear” when they want to refer to a tune or a sound that make they change their emotion significantly. People listen to music almost all the time, even in some jobs; they are required to listen to music while working to reduce stress. Some of us even learn music and musical instruments so as to create more emotions and feelings to this world. If you are very keen on listening to music and want to know more than just some simple tunes and music genre, a basic music theory course is suitable for you.

Music sheet

There are some questions about learning music theory. Some people say that we do not need to learn this type of knowledge since it is for professionals by some don’t agree with this claim. The most common questions are “Why do you need to study music theory?” and “Does it necessary?”

Well, there would be no relevant answers for these questions since they depend on the individual point of view. However, in my opinion, it would be such a great thing if you want and can learn music theory. Obviously, you do not have to study so hard to be a professional musician and earn your living by playing instruments, but it opens so many doors for you to the world of music. Understanding music has nothing to do with music theory, but with your knowledge; you can understand more about the intentions of composers and discuss more music in such a deeper way. You can see such a huge different before and after you learn music theories.

Expanding your musical horizon, your ideas and opinions will be more trustworthy, and your voice will be respected more, even when you talk to people who produce music. Be a real music lover, not just a listener, and you will get something precious in return. Here are some basic things you should put into consideration when making the acquaintance of music theory.

Notations And Communications In The World Of Music

When you are in the world of music, you had better talk and receive information musically. In fact, learning music theory is a better way for you to express your ideas in a more common way for people who share the same passion, not just feelings and cursory sentences. The ear can play music and feel by ear without being written. However, once you have passed that level of enjoying music, there would be no way you can accept this concept. Similar to it, many musicians do not talk about feelings and music played by ears. All they need is the communication by music notations, and they can make you surprise with what they can do.

If you still think playing by ear is acceptable, believe that this way again: we were born the same, being on – verbal creations. Then we know how to make sounds and body language. After that, we develop ourselves by using words and create music. That is the reason why people pay for live performances because of the uniqueness, and no one can mimic them.

Master Music Theory

Harmony And Chord Progression – Key Factors Of Music

You might not notice, but these two are the most important factors that make music different from standard and primary sources of sound around us. These features of music theory are indeed the fundamental elements that everyone needs to learn, from an amateur songwriter to a professional musician who performs on live stages hundreds of time. In fact, the more you know about chord progression and harmony, the broader your musical horizon can be. It’s displayed by the way you feel the chord arrangement and how you can apply them to your thinking, sometimes your products.

The chord progression is the way people use to harmonize music through some particular methods. Any music has to rely on this vital factor to becoming something that can be listened easily and make sense. With advancement, chord progression can be magic under the production of well – known artists, especially composers. However, no one can achieve success with his or her chord arrangement for the first time. It requires such a hardworking spirit and the love of music. When it becomes something called instinct, it can be one of the deadliest weapons of a composer.

Chord progression

Practice makes perfect, and this claim is always right, especially in the world of music. With the creativity and other factors, the transitions can be so great. However, without music theory, no matter how hard you try, there would not be a clear opportunity for you to make something out of your ideas. Most types of music need the harmony of chords with smooth and clean transitions. For example in Jazz tracks, people can quickly notice the connections between notes and chords.


With the help of music theory, musicians and composers can work easier since they know their objectives and how to communicate with music in a clear way that anyone can understand and remember. Using notations and chord progression in music have been applied thousands of years, and they are still the primary method for people to express and develop their ideas through papers.

With many individuals, this can be such a difficult section to understand with no use at all. They just need attractive and beautiful songs with catchy melodies and lyrics without having to know how they are produced. However, if you call yourself a music love, learning even the basic knowledge of music theory is such an improvement not only in your way of music enjoyment but your way of music connection.

That is the reason why adults are encouraging their kids to learn music instruments. They do not expect their children to be geniuses with masterpieces. They just need their children to have fun and see music in a different point of view so that they can fall in love with it and develop themselves through the love of music.