How To Write A Complete Song That Can Be Performed?

Using music as a means of communication is an effective way to express your ideas and emotions to other people gently and emotionally. Moreover, songs that are written by you mean a lot since they are your products with your feelings that can only be known by you. However, not many people can be a songwriter naturally. If you want to learn how to write a complete song from the core melody to the lyrics, this post is the right one just for you.

Before we move on to the detail, here’s a small summary for you to look at and prepare:

Write songs

  • Compose the basic melody and lyric – writing. They do not have to be a too detail or precise.
  • Structures and repair.
  • Develop other factors such as harmony and rhythms.
  • The balance between repetition and variety.
  • Strengthen the lyrics and smoothen the edges.
  • Distribute the song, get feedbacks and improve it.

If you think you have got some initial ideas about your first song, let’s get to work and move to the beginning step.

Listen And Learn

The first factor that you should begin with is the melody, not the lyrics since it will always be the first thing that comes out of your mind. Basically, with anyone, the melody is often the best thing to know about, not the lyrics. From the beginning of a social era, our ancestors knew how to use tones and music before they created words and language. You just need to know your thing and the genres to make a good melody. That is the common way most songwriters work. The creativity in generating the themes is the key factor to create your style, and it helps you to sense the lyrics better. The music might get on well with the words if you handle it well from the start.

Basic music theories

  • This way creates many famous songs. For example, songs composed by Paul McCartney or Peter Gabriel have the impressive musical part, but a simple lyric since the melody was the first piece that came through their minds. The lyrics then were developed from nonsense words and syllables.
  • The more songs and melodies you know the more dynamic and flexible your mind could be. You can always accumulate more experience in this field by listening to the masters and their hits.

However, there are also many composers work with the different site first. They start with the lyrics before moving to the melody part. This cannot be done with your effort alone. If possible, work with a partner such as a poet or a lyricist. They can come up with wonderful ideas that you might never know before. The lyrics can be a source of motivation and inspiration for you to do the songs since it can make a clearer path for your rhythms. People do not care whether the lyrics or the melody is better. They just need to know it as a completed song with a good combination of them.

  • Well – known lyricist such as Elton John always start writing a song by his lyrics first since he write well and he is very thoughtful. Then the music can come after that, and it is excellent indeed!

Make Sure The Structure Is Right

Many people think that the song is only the sudden inspiration of the mind and no structure should be applied to a product of the mind like that. However, to be a good song which is listenable, it has to be composed in a good structure so that the listeners can keep up with the thinking and the feeling of the song. After all, a successful song is an art that can help people understand the emotions and feelings of the composer, and it cannot do anything if people cannot understand the meaning as it is too messy and complicated.

Most songs are created with a similar structure: an intro, a verse or two, chorus, bridge which is the connection between two verses and another verse and an outro.

  • The intro is one of the most important parts of the song since it decides the attraction of the songs from the first notes. Intro can be instrumental or a part of the chorus. Sometimes in some songs, composer has an entirely different intro to trick the listener but it is still acceptable.
  • The verse is not an essential part of a song, but if you can do it well, no wonder if it could be a hit since this is one of the most emotional parts of the song. You should use describing sentences with rhythms that are suitable for the genre. One the other hand, the verses must have peer connection and the link to the chorus. Don’t panic if you cannot think of anything for the verse. It always takes a long amount of time to think of a beautiful sentence for a single verse. Never underestimate a good thinking flow! Grab it while you can!

Write lyrics

  • The chorus is the best part need to be carefully done in a song. It is the main part that makes everyone remembers your product. That is why you have to make it excellent not only the music but also the lyrics. The best and safest way to make your chorus sounds good is to make it catchy and easy to sing along. However, don’t make it too ridiculous since no one wants to hear a dumb song without making them laugh or think. Pay attention to the first and the last sentence of your chorus and make them as remarkable as possible.
  • Most amateur songwriters do not pay attention to the bridge, but it turns out to be a vital component of a song since it makes the song easier to keep up with and move on smoothly. Shifting parts of the song should include a good bridge to reduce the sudden feelings and show the best in using instruments or vocal ranges.